This is how we first found out about Miss Marple. The article appeared in our local newspaper in July 2002, and this is what is says:

17 year old "Milka" is looking for a home to retire.

“Milka” is looking for a home
Old cat needs a lot of affection

Ettlingen. Sometimes “Milka” sits motionless for hours at the window of the Ettlingen animal shelter. Her eyes have a sad expression as she looks outside. Understandable. The little tiger is now approx. 17 years old and is looking for a new family, who is willing to give her some charity.

Despite her age Milka is physically fine. She has only problems with the hearing. Her ears do no longer work as they should. It would be ideal if she could live a quiet life at a couple’s home or with a single person. Families with children are not advisable as Milka is sometimes fearful which is based on her bad hearing. Apart from that, the cat is a calm companion. She loves to cuddle and to be stroked; as any other cat does! Needless to say, Milka will not complain if she gets some care and affection.

A quiet place, safety and being stroked now and then might have a positive impact on the well-being of this animal. Having found such a new home, Milka will certainly no longer look at the outside world with sadness in her eyes. Whoever has a heart for a gentle and faithful cat, this person should call the Ettlingen animal shelter quickly.

David's version of the story:
I'm the one who reads the paper in the morning, and one day I saw this article. Since we'd been talking for some time about getting a cat, I told Anna about it - but she didn't seem that interested, even though she was the one who most wanted a cat. That night, in bed, I reminded her about the article. And now she wanted to see it. So I went downstairs, looked around, came back up and asked her "Where's the newspaper?". "In the trash" she answered. So I went downstairs, looked around, came back upstairs and asked her "Where's the trash"? She said, "Out on the street - today's Wednesday, tomorrow's trash collection day!". OK. I put my overcoat on over my pyjamas, went out into the driving rain in the middle of the night and started rummaging through our trash can. It goes without saying, my sweetheart had put the paper pretty deep down, but I found it, checked it was Wednesday's, brought it to the bedroom and got back into bed. But I couldn't find the cat article... and then I noticed, this was LAST Wednesday's paper. Yes, when Anna puts a week's supply of newspapers into the trash, the newest one is at the bottom. So, I went back downstairs, put on my overcoat over my pyjamas again and after 20 minutes of hanging head down and waist deep in the trash can, I actually succeeeded in finding the right newspaper. Anna read it and agreed we should call the animal shelter and ask about the cat, which is just as well because otherwise I'd have strangled her.