Since my early childhood I was fascinated by all imaginable items related to needlework. I also still remember a deep longing to learn how to use the various needles for knitting, embroidery, crochet etc. and what I can do with the balls of wool, skeins of yarn. Ever since, I was a collector, too – like Pippi Longsocks I collected all kinds of wool, fabrics, buttons, beads, skeins of yarn etc.

I loved the needlework classes and the art classes at school, and I was eager to learn more. Soon I started to work, teaching myself from magazines. So for about 2 and half decades I knitted, did crochet as well as all kinds of embroidery including the Norwegian embroidery style “Hardanger”, as well as some drawing. Art became my main subject at school.

Funnily enough, the results I achieved with the sewing machine at school were terrible … not my best performance in life. My teacher was quite shocked and so was I… we had to sew along printed lines on paper, endless rows of waves, spirals, Celtic-like patterns or never ending knots. In the random lottery of life, I was “lucky” to get an old manual sewing machine (I wish I had this antique thing just for display now!). I was pretty busy to get this thing running, when I succeeded, it galloped along the paper with me far too slow to react or to guide the needle along the printed lines, frantically trying to coordinate what my feet had to do and my hands at the same time…

Nevertheless, now and then I did some smaller works on the sewing machine, meanwhile an electric one, and slowly I had everything under control. I also started dress making, but buying clothes is quicker – I have to admit. Years later, during my long-term stay in Switzerland, I enjoyed sewing curtains: starting with unlined plain ones and later doing lined triple-pleated curtains. I gained confidence in machine sewing and thought to myself, at least I can sew and finish geometric shaped pieces of fabric – that’s not too bad! But I never thought I would be good enough to make patchwork quilts.

In 1997/98 I saw the patchwork quilt “Village At Night” in the window of the local patchwork shop. I was fascinated by the power of colours and it was so different to the traditional patchwork quilts. Instantly I wanted to make this one and the teacher re-assured me that this patchwork quilt is ideal for beginners because it’s made with the paper piecing method! I cannot express how much I enjoyed making my first patchwork quilt!

Since 1997, patchwork, hand appliqué and quilting is my only passion and addiction (apart from my beloved husband David!!). For myself this technique and/or hobby is unique: it combines all the needle works I enjoyed so much and the assembling/choosing of the colours, shades and various patterns to match the colour scheme is almost like painting. And there is still so much to learn and to improve – it’s fantastic!

Due to some changes in my life, finishing my patchworks had a 2 years break. Late 2002 I started again and managed to find time for my hobby. Together with some women in my new home town, we founded a local patchwork group in 2003 and we meet twice a month. Currently I am finishing my UFO’s (unfinished objects) and in good patchworker’s tradition I also started a new project in our local group!